Expert Heavy Equipment

Expert Heavy Equipment (EHE) is a Female Veteran Owned Company, Committed to Providing Quality Service and the Best Prices on Used Construction Equipment.  EHE Inc has years of experience operating and selling heavy equipment for various industries.  EHE is proud to announce that 95% of their business is referral and loyal repeat customers.

Because registration is not required for construction or agricultural equipment, theft is a very serious problem.  We are one of the only resellers that has created a partnership with law enforcement to provide our customers with the added value of cross referencing each piece of equipment we sell against the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) databases.

In addition, we offer pricing reports upon request for used heavy construction equipment, specific to the machine of interest.   There is not a standardized resource for assessing the value of heavy construction or farm equipment available to end buyers and sellers. Most individual owners and companies become dependent on the appraiser, dealership or broker to provide them with a value which can be subjective. The report we provide reflects true market data from 3rd party sources,so whether you are buying or selling, you can make an informed decision in order to get the best pricing.

We are continuing to grow at a rapid pace conducting business both nationally and internationally and we’d like YOU to become one of our many satisfied customers.


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What our Clients are Saying

“In this line of business, it is imperative to ensure you are conducting business with associates that you know you can trust. Brian Finley is one of those people. We know that we can depend on him to provide us with the equipment we need in the timeframe that we need it. And we appreciate the added value that he provides with the Ironcheck reports. He is a trusted associate and we look forward to a long business relationship with EHE.”

– Matt Virnau, Rhino Machinery

“Our company deals with a high demand of equipment requirements from International customers and Expert Heavy Equipment has been instrumental in helping us fill those customer demands. They are responsive, consistent and take added measures to ensure that Hart Equipment and our end buyers are protected.”

– Brett Owens, Hart Equipment Inc.

“Expert Heavy Equipment was one of the nicest and easiest customers I have ever dealt with. The purchase was completed in record timing. We wish we had more customers like them!”

– Patrick Waddle, CEO for Trac – Tech Co.